• Tail Lift Battery Protector
  • Tail Lift Battery Protector
  • Tail Lift Battery Protector
  • Tail Lift Battery Protector
  • Tail Lift Battery Protector
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Tail Lift Battery Protector

Protects battery from Tail Lift over-discharging

Tail Lift Load Shedder has been specifically designed for Tail Lift applications, to ensure that use of the vehicle tail lift does not over-discharge the battery and prevent the engine from re-starting after deliveries and collections.

When the unit sense the voltage dropping below its threshold, it automatically initiates a countdown. If after 2 minutes the voltage has not recovered a alarm signal is triggered (audible or visual), if the voltage remains under for a further 2 minutes the Tail Lift motor will be isolated.

When the engine is restarted and the voltage climbs the Load Shedder will Automatically reset and the lift operation can continue.

Typical Applications:

Ambulance patient stretcher lift, repeated use when at Hospitals with engine switched off.

Commercial delivery vehicles, repeated tail lift use when making deliveries and collections with the engine switched off.


  • Automatically detects low battery voltage and isolates tail lift to prevent over-discharge
  • Optional audible/visual pre-warning of tail lift isolation
  • Heavy Duty 200A relay
  • Adjustable dropout/pull-in voltage differential
  • Adjustable Alarm signal timing
  • Works alone or with other CANPower units
  • Very low power consumption
  • Available in 12V or 24V
  • Easy to install

Name   Code
Tail Lift Load Shedder 092-2033-12-200
Tail Lift Load Shedder 092-2033-24-200

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