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Safety Isolation Transformers

British Built with 5 year warranty

Required in vehicle by wiring regs to meet BS 7671:2008 Amendment 3:2015, January 2015.


Section 717 has a greater emphasis to protect crews. The regulations have highlighted potential issues with vehicle charging locations that have PME (Protective Multiple Earthing) - indoors and outdoors.


Widely used in boats with 240V shore lines to prevent galvanic corrosion, isolation transformers have now been included in Section 717 of the wiring regs, to ensure safe electrical connections to vehicles.


Should a break occur in the neutral conductor from the Substation, the electrical system then has no earth, so anything connected to the earth wiring in the building e.g. the plumbing, would receive live mains potential. This would also include any vehicle connected because it is sharing the same earth connection, thereby rendering the vehicle body live to 230V, including vehicles that operate at 110V.


Any person standing on the ground (earth) who then touches the vehicle could get a shock as they would form a new path to ground earth connection. With a wide variety of indoor, outdoor, permanent and temporary charging locations being utilised, it can be difficult to be 100% positive of the earthing arrangement at every location.


The solution however is quite simple and low cost; installing an Isolating Transformer in the vehicle. This allows the vehicle to be connected to any supply type (including PME earthing), as the isolation transformer effectively means that the vehicle has a completely independent electrical supply. The vehicle earth will be part of the vehicle only. There will be no physical connection to the building supply at all, thus ensuring compliance and electrical safety for crews.


All units also incorporate input MCB, input rush protection and output double pole RCBO.

  • Available in a wide range to suit all applications, including Step Up, Step Down and Dual Voltage Input.
  • All mounted in a durable steel case, designed for mounting in vehicles and boats.
  • 5 year warranty.

For full range, please download the Data Sheet.

Name   Code
110V to 110V 092-119-110
230V to 230V 092-119-230
110V to 230V 092-119-110230
230V to 110V 092-119-230110
Dual Input Voltage to 110V 092-119-DV110
Dual Input Voltage to 230V 092-119-DV230

Auto Eject Replacement Cover
Auto Eject Super15 110V replacement cover kit


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