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Tail Lift Battery Protector

Posted by: Ludo Mcgurk

Our British designed and manufactured Tail Lift Battery Protector has been designed to ensure that use of the vehicle tail lift does not over discharge the battery and prevent the engine from re-starting after deliveries and collections.

Once the voltage falls below 24.0V a 4 minute voltage sensing timer begins. If the voltage is still below 24.0 after the first 2 minutes the (optional) audible warning sounds.

Should the voltage remain below 24.0V for the full 4 minutes, the motor is automatically isolated from the battery to prevent further discharge. Once the voltage has risen above 26.0V the unit will reset and the tail lift can continue to be used.

Quick and simple to install as a new build or retro-fit.

Pull in/drop out voltages and time delays can be easily and quickly changed as in situ with the optional interface and free to download software.

Available in 12V & 24V versionsLoad Shedder 1L 240x240

Part number

12V 092-2033-12-200

24V 092-2033-24-200

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