• Load Shedder 2+1
  • Load Shedder 2+1
  • Load Shedder 2+1
  • Load Shedder 2+1
  • Load Shedder 2+1
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Load Shedder 2+1

2 channel Load Shedder with Alarm output.

Specifically designed for the BMW RESPoNSe-1.0 equipped vehicles, where the installation of a Power Management System is recommended by BMW.


Load Shedder 2+1 not only protects the auxiliary battery from being permanently damaged by over discharging, it also allows loads to be split over 2 Channels to avoid sudden and total power loss while at scene without the engine running.


Advanced low voltage protection of the Auxiliary battery.

· 2 separate low voltage Load Shedding channels.

· First channel loads shed at 12.0V*

· Advisory Audible/Visual warning begins as the first channel     de-activates.

· Second channel load sheds at 11.0V*

· Auto reconnects loads when the engine is started.

· 60amps capability

· Inexpensive and very easy to fit.

· Can be pre-programmed with your preferred voltage settings.

· British Designed and Built.

· 5 Year Warranty.

*Adjustable, can be factory set to your voltage settings, or changed in-situ using our optional interface.



Example application


Channel 1 connected to Strobes and ANPR, Channel 2 the Light bar and Camera. When the voltage drops to 12.0V* Channel 1 shuts off the Strobes and ANPR and at the same time actives the output for Audible warning. If the voltage continues to drop and reaches 11.0V* Channel 2 will shut off the Light bar and Camera.


In this configuration, as Channel 1 shuts off the Strobes, ANPR and activates the Audible warning, an Officer sitting in the   vehicle should hear the warning. If they are away from the vehicle, but in line of sight, they should see a reduction in flashing lights and be aware they need to take action before the voltage drops further. If no action is taken the Light bar and Camera will shut off when the voltage finally drops to 11.0V*, preventing damage to the battery.


* Voltages can be quickly and easily changed in-situ with optional Interface and FREE to download software.








Name   Code
Load Shedder 2+1 12V 092-2043-12

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