• Load Shedder 1T
  • Load Shedder 1T
  • Load Shedder 1T
  • Load Shedder 1T
  • Load Shedder 1T
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Load Shedder 1T

Automatic Load Shedder With Adjustable Time Delay

A member of the CANPower family, this unit can be connected to other CANPower units by CANbus to run in tandem with them, or can be installed as a stand alone component.

Easy to install and fully installer programmable with very simple software through the optional interface unit. Standard unit comes with default settings which will suit most applications.

If vehicle battery voltage falls to an unacceptable level, the connected load switches off. A user-adjustable voltage sampling time delay prevents load cycling. The inbuilt adjustable hysteresis band sets the pull-in voltage higher than the dropout voltage, and this also prevents cycling. The pull-in voltage is normally set to 13.5 volts, so the engine must be restarted to automatically switch load back on.


The unit also incorporates over-voltage isolation (adjustable).

The unit runs at around 2 milliamps when in passive mode so is exceptionally economical on power consumption.

The unit can also run external relays.

This unit can be adjusted on the bench or in-situ.

Typical Applications:

Police car radio - can flatten the battery in hours, disabling the car. This unit switches the radio off when battery voltage falls to a pre-set level, thus preventing it flattening the battery. Radio is re-powered when engine is started.

Fire appliance locker/interior lights - easily left on either by switch defect or door left open, and battery is drained. This unit prevents that happening.


  • Automatically detects low battery voltage and sheds loads
  • Adjustable dropout/pull-in voltage differential
  • Adjustable time delays
  • Over-Voltage isolation
  • Works alone or with other CANPower units
  • Very low power consumption
  • Available for 12V or 24V
  • Easy to install

Name   Code
Operating Voltage 12V Relay Rating 30A 092-2002-12
Operating Voltage 24V Relay Rating 30A 092-2002-24

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