• Electrical Connector Lubricant
  • Electrical Connector Lubricant
  • Electrical Connector Lubricant
  • Electrical Connector Lubricant
  • Electrical Connector Lubricant
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Electrical Connector Lubricant

 Auto Eject all versions
Pin lubrication

All Auto Eject units require pins to be lubricated, as covered in the product instructions and user guide supplied with the product.

Tests have shown that un-lubricated pins increase friction and wear, and in certain situations, it can also prevent the Auto Eject from ejecting the connector.

Regular lubrication with a non-PTFE and non-Silicone product will reduce wear and extend service life, typically this would be a Petroleum Jelly product, such as Vaseline.

Auto Eject approved solution
Feedback from customers requesting a simpler way of applying the lubrication had led to the introduction of a specific Electrical Connector Lubricant in an aerosol can. A non-PTFE and non-Silicone based product ensures long lasting lubrication with no loss of electrical connectivity.

• Improves contact performance by increasing effective contact area
• Harmless to most plastics and rubbers
• Contains no silicones, thus reducing switch contamination
• Will loosen tarnish and corrosion and leave a protective film to prevent further contamination
• Prevents arcing, thus reduces contact wear
• Highly stable synthetic material, fully inhibited against oxidisation and copper corrosion
• Excellent penetration and cooling properties

• Good mechanical lubrication


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