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Air Eject

Automatic Air Line Disconnect

  • Eliminates broken air line
  • Designed specifically for vehicle mounting
  • Designed for 175PSI applications
  • Available in both 12V and 24V

The Air Eject is a simple, air operated, pneumatic connector which permits connecting an air pressure line to a vehicle. When the vehicle is started the Air Eject automatically disconnects the air line, thus preventing the vehicle from being driven away with the line connected.

A solenoid valve wired to the vehicle's starter is energised when the engine is started. This provides air pressure to a cylinder that extends to release the air line. Any pressure between 1.4 and 10 bar will reliably eject the air line. A high-pressure model is also available, with any pressure between 1.4 and 13 bar ejecting the air line.

The Air Eject is supplied with the mating air line connector and check valve. Installation and wiring on the vehicle are simple and easily accomplished.    



  • Connector Rating: 175PSI
  • Operating Voltage: 12V or 24V
  • Weight: 1.95kg
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Name   Code
Operating Pressure 175PSI Operating Voltage 12V 091-28HP-12
Operating Pressure 175PSI Operating Voltage 24V 091-28HP-24

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